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Welcome to VIPshop, a website dedicated to flash sale promotions.

VIPshop (VIP.com), is wholly owned by Guangzhou VIPshop Information and Technology Co.,Ltd. The focus of VIPshop is genuine brands and quality products with deep discounts and limited time based sales. VIPshop members have grown to over 28 million in just 4 years due to its unique positioning as “special sales online shopping mall”; moreover, it has been successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange on March 23, 2012. VIPshop has been awarded the top prize on DTT 2012 High Tech and High Increase list, and has been granted the honor to receive the top prize of “Best E-Commerce Company of 2012”.

VIPshop cooperates with the well-known domestic and overseas brand agents and manufacturers, it offers low price, high quality and sought-after branded goods to the consumers all over the world. So far, over 10 thousand brands are collaborating with VIPshop, and over 1600 brands have authorized VIPshop to run special sales on its website. The categories offered by VIPshop include clothing, shoes, beauty goods, home textiles & furniture, accessories, perfume and many more.

VIPshop aspires to become a global first-class E-commerce company.

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