An e-commerce platform that helps you set up your store at zero cost

Make thousands of dollars per month, and enjoy extra discounts on millions of products.

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Why Octopus

  • No Cost, Zero Risk and High Commission
  • Partnered with Thousands of Quality Brands
  • Carefully Selected from Millions of Products
  • Authenticity Guaranteed and Great Customer Care

Main Features

What Octopus Partners Said


female, 23, shopaholic, fashion lover, phone addict, laid-back

I have always been a cellphone addict, and I love to try all the new things. I found it interesting when I first saw the Octopus recruiting program. I thought it would be too much work to join, but after I reviewed the instructions, I found it very straightforward and easy to navigate. With only a few clicks, I complete the product selection, shipping, and logistics. Now I can stay comfy at home, and earn money by simply moving my fingers.



male, 29, luxury industry practitioner, OCD, fashion buyer

I joined through my friend, and I know the products are provided by Vipshop, a trustworthy source. My only concern was about shipping, but it is also handled by Vipshop. What I need to do is to select products on my preference. This simple business model really appeals to me. I can buy clothing at lower price for myself. What’s even better is you can make money from referring my friends high quality products!



female, 32, housewife with two kids, once a fashion industry practitioner

I did have concerns at first. I used to sell clothing but had never done this in such way. This platform is completely new to me and I found it very appealing. When I first arrived in the U.S. I had difficulties in finding suitable clothing as the size and design of local brands here are not for Asians. It would cost a lot on shipping to buy clothing from China. So I decided to give this a try. What amazed me is that the company not only provides systematic management training, but also gives high commission in return. I have earned a good amount during these days.


Brands we've worked with


About us

OctopusVIP is a E-commerce platform that opens to customers from all over the world. We select the world's largest brand of clothing, beauty makeup, shoes, bags, accessories, household and food. OctopusVIP not only offers its users a place to purchase high-quality branded products at reasonable prices, but also creates opportunities for people to join Octopus Partners to start their own business.
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